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Maximising investments for children and grandchildren

Did you know that, according to HM Revenue and Customs, more than 10,000 children already have pension plans in place? If you consider that there were more than 900,000 Junior ISAs subscribed to in the 2017/18 tax year, then it’s clear that many parents and grandparents are planning for their child’s future using these investments. […]

Women £78,000 worse off in retirement – closing the gender pensions gap

Despite improvements over the last decade, there remains a significant gender gap when it comes to pensions. A new survey has found that women are, on average, £78,000 worse off than men in retirement, with the survey suggesting that one of the reasons for this is that women take fewer financial risks than men. Here, […]

Why financial planning advice is still essential later in life

Last tax year, Brits paid £5.4 billion in Inheritance Tax (IHT). The most recent available figures show that 5% of all estates now pay IHT, and so mitigating any potential liability is crucial if you want to avoid leaving your beneficiaries with a bill on your death. New research has found that more than £17 […]

Want to know how to live longer? Don’t retire

Want to know how to live longer and enjoy a fulfilling retirement? One man who had many of the answers to this question was Shigeaki Hinohara who, until his death in 2017, was one of the world’s leading longevity experts. The Japanese physician and educator lived to the fine old age of 105 and, in […]

Is it time to raise the pension age to 75?

As the population continue to age, the government has already announced that the age at which individuals can claim their State Pension is to rise. The pension age is set to rise to age 66 in 2020, age 67 between 2026 and 2028 and then age 68 between 2044 and 2046. Now, a leading think […]

Why you don’t have to sacrifice returns by choosing ESG investments

Last month, we looked at Good Money Week and the recent rise in popularity of ESG investments. As complex global challenges arise, investors are reconsidering traditional approaches to investing. Additionally, changes in attitudes are fuelling a demand for more ethical and sustainable investments. One of the criticisms that is often levelled at investments that consider […]

Your Q3 2019 market commentary

Even by recent standards, the third quarter of 2019 was unpredictable and volatile. Brexit continues to dominate the headlines in both the UK and in Europe, and the election of a new prime minister appears to have increased the chances of a disorderly exit from the European Union. In your Q3 2019 market commentary, we […]

5 scary financial mistakes you’ll want to avoid this Halloween

If you have children or grandchildren, you’ll be aware how important Halloween has become in recent years. Brits now spend an eye-watering £400 million on the spooky holiday, on everything from costumes to sweet treats. So, with Halloween just around the corner, we’ve highlighted five scary financial mistakes you should avoid this October 31… Taking […]

Good Money Week and the rise of ethical and sustainable investing

The world is facing some major problems. Climate change has risen to the top of the political agenda, with millions taking to the street to implore governments to act. The impact of extreme weather is being seen everywhere from Whaley Bridge to the Caribbean. And, there have been question marks over the representation of women […]

Would your savings survive a 100-year life?

Would your retirement savings survive a 100-year life? Statistics show that almost one in five women aged 25 today will live until the age of 100. A 25-year-old man has a 14% chance of living to the same old age. And, the Office for National Statistics estimates that a woman already aged 65 has a […]