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Depledge named UK Retirement Adviser of the Year

30th September 2021 Each year, the Moneyfacts Investment Life and Pensions Awards showcase the best service and expertise across the UK’s financial sector. From investment trusts to tax and estate planning, the awards recognise market leaders across a wide range of categories. This year, Moneyfacts has named us as the 2021 Retirement Adviser of the […]

Why you should include your children (and parents) in your financial planning conversations

14th September 2021 Discussing personal finances can be a tough conversation for many people. It can be a stressful topic to face, particularly with your loved ones. Perhaps it’s embarrassing, fills you with anxiety, or simply makes you feel uncomfortable? In 2019, Lloyds Bank conducted a survey and found that half (50%) of UK adults […]

3 reasons you should be making a Lasting Power of Attorney right now

14th September 2021 According to FTAdviser, registrations to make a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) have dropped by 23% over the last year. An LPA is a legal document that enables you to elect a trusted individual or individuals to take care of your finances should you be unable to do so through a loss […]

Parents underestimating student debt by nearly 50%

14th September 2021 The recent record A-Level results saw 44.3% of entries obtain a grade A or above. This terrific success means that more than 210,000 18-year-old students in England have had their university places confirmed already. Heading off to university can be a fulfilling and enriching experience – but these days it doesn’t come […]

National Insurance and Dividend Tax rise as government suspends State Pension triple lock

9th September 2021 This week, the government has made two major policy announcements that are likely to directly affect your finances. A much-anticipated National Insurance rise will result in an increased burden on workers including, for the first time, those above State Pension Age. In addition, the government has suspended the State Pension triple lock, […]

Guide: Leaving an inheritance vs gifting during your lifetime

8th September 2021 Have you thought about how you’ll pass wealth on to those who are important to you? Traditionally, this has been done through inheritance, but it’s becoming more common to gift during your lifetime. Our latest guide explains why more families are choosing to gift during their lifetime and the pros and cons […]

Your Q2 2021 market update

18 August 2021Global markets continued to rally in the second quarter, primarily because of the ongoing Covid-19 vaccine rollouts. Government support also helped to boost investor optimism for economic recovery in 2021. However, investors remain concerned about inflation and US rate hikes, which could cause market volatility in the coming months. The best performing assets […]

Why planning for your death is one of the best gifts you can give your loved ones

18 August 2021As strange as it may sound, planning for your death isn’t really about you. In reality, your estate planning is about your family. It’s your chance to make decisions that safeguard your wealth for your children, grandchildren, or anyone else you want to have it. It’s also an opportunity to help deal with […]

Revealed: the single best thing you can do to tackle climate change (and it’s not recycling)

18 August 2021 You may consider yourself to be a true eco-warrior, passionate about preventing global environmental disaster. You may try to eat less meat and dairy, use public transport as much as possible, and have managed to eliminate all single-use plastics in your home. But did you know that, even if you did all […]

The guide to later-life planning and care

16 August 2021When you think about your future, how far ahead do you plan? Perhaps you’ve thought about what your life will look like in 10 years, but have you considered your later years? While retirement planning is common, it’s often the early years of retirement that people focus on. However, your needs and lifestyle […]