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Senior executives

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As a senior executive in a large company, balancing your successful career with family life can be a difficult and demanding task.

You have plenty of goals and aspirations, as well as day-to-day needs to pay for; whether that’s your children’s education, holidays abroad, eventual part-time work or early retirement, we can help you to make the life you want to live a reality.

Typically, the senior executives we work with live in Manchester, London and the surrounding areas.

We help you to achieve your professional and personal goals through bespoke financial planning. We’ll help you to plan for and protect:

Your income

We’ll help you to ensure as much of your income is yours to put towards your goals by finding tax-efficient financial solutions suitable for your needs.

Your savings and investments

We’ll ensure your savings and investments are best placed to help you to achieve your goals; whether that’s a new home, more opportunity to travel or early retirement.

Your family

We’ll ensure measures are in place to fund your children’s education and future needs. We’ll also ensure your family are protected should the unexpected happen.

Your future

We’ll assess your current pension provision to establish whether you’re on track to achieving the retirement lifestyle you’re aspiring to live; if not, we will recommend effective solutions. Find out more about our financial planning process here.

Investments carry risk. Their value (and any income from them) can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount you invested