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All the winners and losers from the 2023 spring Budget

15/03/2023 Just six months ago, Kwasi Kwarteng stood up in the House of Commons and delivered his controversial “mini-Budget”. The announcements ultimately brought down the short-lived Truss administration, with current chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, announcing a series of policy measures in November 2022 aimed at calming the markets. Having taken “difficult decisions to deliver stability and […]

Your spring Budget update – the key news from the chancellor’s statement

15/03/2023 On Wednesday 15 March 2023, chancellor Jeremy Hunt presented his spring Budget. Focusing on the government’s aims to halve inflation, reduce public debt, and boost economic growth, Hunt delivered his first official Budget alongside the latest economic and fiscal outlook from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR). “Despite continuing global instability, the OBR report […]

13 notable taxation and other detrimental changes that could have an impact on your money

14 March 2023 You would not be alone in thinking that in recent years, the UK’s financial landscape has undergone a serious shift.  Costs have risen for families, individuals, and businesses alike – and at the same time, many tax allowances and exemptions have been frozen or reduced. If you are unaware of the impact […]

How to avoid falling into these 4 easily overlooked pension tax traps when you retire

14 March 2023 As you approach retirement, you may already be aware that your tax situation will change.  Whether you plan to continue working part-time in later life or retire completely, as soon as you draw your pension you will likely pay tax differently than you have been throughout your career. An important thing to […]

3 vital ways stagflation could affect your wealth in 2023 and beyond

14 March 2023 As you may already know, UK inflation has reached a 40-year high in the past 12 months. In its most recent report, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) says inflation reached 10.4% in the year to February 2023. Indeed, there is no doubt that your spending power has been affected by the […]

3 things Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon can tell you about effective financial planning

14 February 2023 Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon – one of the top 50 best-selling albums of all time, selling 15 million units, according to Insider – turns 50 in 2023.  You might have fond memories of listening to this industry-shifting concept album as the years have gone by, but may not have […]

5 important tasks to tick off your pension to-do list in 2023

14 February 2023 When assessing your financial goals for 2023, sorting out the admin for your pensions was probably not at the top of your list. Indeed, more “exciting” financial targets often take precedent, such as expanding your property portfolio, helping the next generation thrive, or taking a bucket-list holiday.  Even so, your pension (while […]

Fewer than half of UK consumers pay for long-term protection. Here’s why you should

14 February 2023 During the cost of living crisis, you might be cutting corners left, right, and centre in order to stay on budget.  With the Guardian reporting the UK will return to “2006 real-term wages” amid high inflation this year, it’s no surprise you might be looking to cut costs in all areas of […]

The essential guide to ISAs

8 February 2023 ISAs have been around for more than two decades, but they’ve changed significantly since they were first introduced. This guide can help you understand why using an ISA to save or invest could be a valuable part of your financial plan. Read the guide to find out: Download your copy of “The […]

Your Q4 2022 market update

17 January 2023 Last quarter, we reported a continuation of the market volatility that was prevalent throughout most of 2022.  The Russian invasion of Ukraine, attempts by central banks to handle rising inflation, and the long-lasting economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic all took their toll on global stock markets, leading to downturns in many […]