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Your Q2 2024 global market update

18 July 2024 In April, we reported that six key global stock market indices had all reported positive returns over the first quarter of the year. Thankfully, throughout the second quarter of the year (April to June 2024), this upward trajectory continued, albeit showing more temperate returns than in Q1. The below figures reflect the […]

How the “chrysalis mindset” could help you revitalise your finances in midlife

18 July 2024 As you approach your 40s or 50s, have you begun to hear the phrase “midlife crisis” bandied about more often than before? While friends and family might like to make tongue-in-cheek jokes about buying a sports car or getting a trendy haircut, many people do experience a crisis of confidence when they […]

2 important aspects of passing a property down as inheritance, explained

18 July 2024 A new study, published by FTAdviser, has found that 46% of high net worth individuals are planning to leave their home to their children as part of their inheritance. When you form your “estate plan” – the amount of inheritance you wish to leave when you die, and to who – it […]

What a Labour government could mean for your finances

10 July 2024 In a decisive and historic victory, the Labour Party won the 2024 UK general election with a significant majority and Keir Starmer has become the UK prime minister after 14 years of Conservative government The new chancellor, Rachel Reeves, has already pledged to “fix the foundations” of the British economy in a […]

What the 2024 general election could mean for your finances

26 June 2024 2024 has been called “the year of elections” with an estimated 2 billion people around the world heading to the polls. Voters in the UK will have their say on 4 July. Now that each of the main parties has published their manifestos, here’s what the 2024 general election could mean for […]

3 key reasons why your DIY retirement plan might not give you enough to last a lifetime

21 June 2024 Doing it yourself can be a cost-effective way to redecorate your home or spruce up your garden. However, taking a DIY approach to important financial tasks like retirement planning is decidedly riskier. As you approach the end of your career, there are many factors to consider, so it could be easy to […]

How to measure your appetite for risk as an investor, and why it matters

21 June 2024 Are you a risk-averse person, or do you seek a thrill every now and again? Everybody is different – some love to ride the scariest rollercoasters, while others gain enjoyment from more peaceful activities. While neither is wrong, your preferences will inevitably affect the way you live your life, influencing your relationships, […]

3 distinguished lessons Bridgerton could teach you about estate planning

21 June 2024 Bridgerton, the hit show from Netflix based on a series of novels by Julia Quinn, is centred around an elite family – the Bridgertons – living in Regency London (or at least a fantasy version of it). On the surface, Bridgerton is all about each of the family’s children finding true love […]

Financial wellbeing: 4 steps to creating a financial wellbeing plan

16 May 2024 While growing wealth is often an important part of a financial plan, understanding how you can use your money to reach goals and improve your wellbeing is crucial. It could help you get the most out of your wealth and lead to a more fulfilling life.  This guide offers practical steps that […]

3 helpful lessons to learn about investing when the stock market is up

16 May 2024 In the past 12 months, the stock market has begun to show signs of reliable growth after three years of increased unpredictability. Understandably, the Covid-19 pandemic and inflationary conditions that followed all threw the stock market for a loop. As a result, during the periods between 2020 and 2023, you may have […]