Andrew Day

Andrew Day

I have a dedicated approach to achieving client objectives and ensuring that these continue to be achievable in the long term. We aim to provide ‘value for money’ and clear straight forward advice to all our clients. My 18 years experience within actuarial, investment management, banking, stockbroking and chartered financial planning practices has provided me with long experience in providing a first class advice and service proposition. Creating robust investment portfolios within tax efficient structures is at the heart of each clients strategy.

On Tuesday, 3rd November 2020 the United States will go to the polls to elect its next President. All the indications are that Donald Trump will stand for a second term and if the words of Bill Clinton – “It’s the economy, stupid” – are to be believed, he will win.

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August used to be known as the ‘silly season’. Everyone who made the news was away on holiday, nothing happened and newspapers were desperate to fill their pages. So rather more obscure stories made it into print…That, of course, was before Donald Trump. And Brexit. And Venezuela, Argentina…

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