What is Chartered financial planner status, and how does it benefit you?

When you choose to work with a financial planner, you’ll notice that some firms showcase the fact that they are a ‘Chartered’ firm. You may have seen the word ‘Chartered’ on the Depledge website or spotted the gold Chartered mark.

Choosing a financial adviser with Chartered status gives you the peace of mind that you’re dealing with a trusted professional, operating to high ethical standards.

Read on to find out more about what Chartered status is, and how choosing a Chartered financial planner can benefit you.

The ‘gold standard’ of financial advice

Chartered status is awarded by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) – the professional body for insurance and personal finance. As a Chartered body of more than a century’s standing, the CII only grants Chartered titles to individuals and organisations that meet strict qualifying criteria.

Firms that achieve this status:

Currently, around 900 firms in the UK have met this standard.

How a Chartered financial planner adds value

Choosing a Chartered planner adds value in three main ways.

1. A high level of technical expertise

Achieving Chartered status demonstrates to you that your financial planner has achieved a high level of technical competence. This is likely to be through professional qualifications and accreditations, and a commitment to continued professional development.

Chartered firms such as Depledge, invest in people with the knowledge appropriate to their role. This helps to ensure high levels of competency and capability in the provision of service.

2. High ethical standards

Chartered status acts as a mark of trust. You can be sure that, as a Chartered firm, we have in place core values, business practices and a diversity and inclusion policy that aligns with the CII Code of Ethics.

We’re also committed to active corporate social responsibility (CSR).

3. A commitment to the financial services profession

Chartered firms are encouraged by the CII to give back to society by contributing to the development of the profession. This may include participation in specialist practice groups relevant to the personal finance profession, and participation in forums designed to produce good practice guidance.

As a Chartered firm, we also participate in community/charitable activities, and appear in local media to answer consumer questions, reinforcing public trust in the profession.

Our responsibility is to maintain these standards, and our Chartered mark represents our commitment to doing so.

3 other ways Depledge adopt the very highest standards

1. The Pension Transfer Gold Standard

Financial advice firms who adopt and promote the Pension Transfer Gold Standard adhere to a detailed set of principles.

As a result, you can be confident that you are dealing with an ethical adviser and professional advice firm that has your best interests at heart when receiving financial advice about whether or not you should transfer your pension.

2. International standard ISO 22222

ISO 22222 is the only international quality standard for providing personal financial planning. The global benchmark for professional excellence, this accreditation encompasses:

At its core, this international standard recognises that we operate to exceptional standards and that we’re doing the right thing for our clients.

3. VouchedFor ‘Top-Rated’ status

Each year, trusted website VouchedFor awards ‘top-rated’ firm accreditation to the UK’s best financial advice firms, all based on client feedback.

In 2020, just 16 financial advice firms in the UK achieved this top-rated status – and we were among them. Top-rated status means you deal with one of a handful of firms nationally that provides truly exceptional service – as determined by clients.

Get in touch

To find out more how our Chartered status benefits you, and how working with an accredited financial planner adds value, please get in touch. Email info@depledgeswm.com or call (0161) 8080200.

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  1. Comment by Brian Sutcliffe

    Brian Sutcliffe

    Having been a client of Depledge since it’s formation it gives me great pleasure to prove that my judgement was 100% correct and that you can sometimes judge a book by its cover. Well done Depledge on attaining Chartered Financial planner status, thoroughly deserved in my opinion so onwards and upwards.

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