PPI Deadline

I like many of you are probably fed up of phone calls and messages regarding PPI claims and will be glad that the whole thing is coming to an end in August 2019. However, I read an article over
Christmas confirming that in total £40 billion has been paid to date and that a similar amount remains unclaimed. This got me thinking that I should check my own accounts as whilst I would not
have actively picked a PPI option, I may have unwittingly signed up to one.

When I went back packing around the world in 1994 I used a Lloyds Bank credit card and I used this card for many years thereafter. I therefore obtained a free credit report from ClearScore and used a PPI checking company to see whether I did have PPI.

Guess what? – I DO have PPI – so I will now be putting in a claim and using the FCA website to assist me.

I would suggest that everyone does the same this year before the deadline comes around which is 29th August 2019.

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