Meet the team: Ben Lancaster and Andrew Day

17 August 2023

Our dedicated team forms the engine that keeps our firm running smoothly. So, why not get to know us a little better?

To start off this series of “meet the team” articles, read on to find out more about two of our financial planners, Andrew and Ben.

Andrew Day 

What’s your role here at Depledge?

I have a dual role here. Firstly, I’m the lead practitioner in the business when it comes to looking after private clients. On top of this, I am the main contributor to the strategic direction of the firm and to various elements of its day-to-day running.  

Having become a registered adviser in 1999, I have worked with many clients to change their lives for the better. 

My work has been recognised by various awarding bodies over the years. Most recently, I was fortunate to be shortlisted by the Personal Finance Society (PFS) for their Chartered Financial Planner of the Year in

2020, 2021, and 2022, and I won their Investment Specialist of the Year in 2022.

How did you first get into financial services? 

After leaving university and travelling around the globe, I received two offers of legal roles, and one to join Nelsons and pursue a career in financial advice. I opted to join the Nelsons client care team; my father and grandfather had been clients there, and encouraged me to join the firm. 

This role led to a 29-year career to date, including nearly 10 years in running Depledge SWM. 

What do you enjoy most about your work? 

I enjoy helping people with their finances with a view to improving their lives. 

Recently, a client visited our office and told us that his big passion in life has been travelling. His love of travelling has led him to 116 different countries, and the financial plan we created for him has no doubt significantly helped him lead an extraordinary life so far. 

That’s what I love about our work: our input makes a tangible difference.

What are your interests outside of work, and what would your dream job be?

I am a member of my local tennis club, and have played for their team in the last couple of years, as well as participating in various internal competitions. 

I also swim regularly to try to keep my fitness up, and will be lining up for “The Dee Mile” outdoor swim which takes place in Chester this August. I was placed second in my age group in 2019, 2021 and 2022 – so I’m hoping to go one better this year…

My dream job would be Wimbledon champion – it pays more than being a swimming gold medallist!

Ben Lancaster 

What’s your role here at Depledge? 

I work as the associate financial planning director. This means I am responsible for getting our existing clients in the best financial position possible. I also head up new business initiatives with great support from my colleagues.

Although I have plenty of experience in the advice profession, I often refer to Andrew (Day), and our retirement specialist Adrian Mahon to improve in my role. Between them, they have decades of experience and a good variety of personalities and approaches. 

How did you first get into financial services? 

After leaving school and trying several roles while attempting to figure out what I wanted to do (which included starting a business with two friends and selling sportswear – great fun, but hard to make it), I turned to my dad. He is a successful IFA who runs his own business.

After helping me get started initially, he wanted me to make my own way, and so I took on a role at what was then Towry Law at the age of 23. 

They became Tilney (now Evelyn Partners), and I worked my way up through different roles over a five-year period before joining Depledge in 2020. 

When I started at Depledge, I knew I wanted to be a bigger part of something and really have an impact on client outcomes – and I feel I’ve already made headway in this area.

What do you enjoy most about your work? 

I am a people person, so I love getting to know people, understanding what they are about, and learning what they hope to achieve. Creating a plan to help make this a reality is so satisfying. 

When I look at my VouchedFor testimonials, it makes me very proud, as I can see that the relationships and connections I have built with my clients are meaningful. 

What are your interests outside of work? Or what would your dream job be?

I enjoy good food and love to read, but my real passion is sport. I love most sports, with golf, cricket and football being the top three (Erik Ten Haag has made me cautiously optimistic as a Manchester United fan). 

Golf gets the top spot; I play off a single handicap (sometimes) at Northenden in Manchester with a great group of friends. 

So, unsurprisingly, my dream job would be a professional golfer on the tour. The reality is that I would never earn any money (I am not even the best golfer at Depledge – that’s Dan!) and so I think being Wayne “Radar” Riley and doing some on-course commentary would work for me. Following the best golfers in the world up close in incredible destinations – I would love it!

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