January 2018

Latest deposit rates available through Depledge cash management.

Term Bank Rate
Instant Access Bank A 1.60%
Bank B 1.35%
Bank C 1.32%
Thirty Days Bank A 1.05%
Bank B 1.00%
Bank C 1.00%
Sixty Days Bank A 1.35%
Bank B 1.30%
Bank C 1.10%
Ninety Days Bank A 1.52%
Bank B 1.50%
Bank C 1.45%
Six Months Bank A 1.65%
Bank B 1.50%
Bank C 1.40%
Nine Months Bank A 1.35%
Bank B 1.30%
Bank C 1.23%
One Year Bank A 2.00%
Bank B 1.90%
Bank C 1.86%
Eighteen Months Bank A 2.10%
Bank B 1.95%
Bank C 1.91%
Two Years Bank A 2.61%
Bank B 2.20%
Bank C 2.10%
Three Years Bank A 2.25%
Bank B 2.20%
Bank C 2.20%
Four Years Bank A 2.30%
Bank B 2.23%
Bank C 2.22%
Five Years Bank A 2.55%
Bank B 2.42%
Bank C 2.40%

Contact us to apply and start generating meaningful returns from your cash and leave the days of earning little to no interested behind.

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