Pension Review


Clients approached Depledge SWM requesting an overall review of their finances a few years prior to their retirement.

The clients were in their mid to late fifties with an objective to retire by age 62 and generate an income of at least £58,000 p.a. based on their current spending patterns and expectation to travel more in their retirements. They had read about the new ‘pension freedoms’ and wanted to understand how these relate to them.

Client A had four deferred pensions from previous employers and a current Group Personal Pension Plan where large regular contributions were being made to boost the retirement fund and reduce the overall income tax bill.

Client B had one deferred pension, an old pension called a section 32 plan and an occupational investment based scheme where a good level of contribution was being made.

The clients have a variety of investments in deposit saving accounts, cash ISAs, Investment ISAs and an Investment Bond with the major life office.


A full discussion of the clients objectives, family circumstances and aspirations were completed and recorded in a fact-find document that was later sent to the clients to ensure that everything was accurate.

Following the meeting mandates were sent to the scheme administrators and full details of all the pensions and investments were received to complete the file for the purpose of being able to advise on a detailed strategy to meet their objectives.


Two detailed reports and four meetings were completed with the clients over a number of weeks with a summary of the outcomes below:

This case study is based on a typical client scenario that we are advising upon on a regular basis.

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