Pension and Investment Review


Tim, is aged 57 and in good health, is one of three directors who owns a thriving pharmaceutical business.

Tim, is married to Karen, aged 50 who is a retired teacher and also in good health.

Neither Tim nor Karen have any children.

Currently Tim is earning a salary of £115,000 and receiving pension contributions of £15,000 per annum from the company. Karen wants to give something back to the community so she is volunteering to help the elderly two days a week and is now financially dependent on Tim to maintain their standard of living.

Tim is aiming to retire at age 60 and anticipates that between them they will require a joint net income of £52,000 per annum. This is similar to their current expenditure which they do not expect to drastically change in retirement.

Tim has three deferred pensions from previous employers, an old legacy pension product called a retirement annuity contract (section 226), a Self-Invested Personal Pension and is also a deferred member of a defined benefit scheme.

In addition to his pensions Tim, has accumulated a sizeable amount in deposit accounts, investment and cash ISAs.

Karen has a deferred Teachers’ pension which she cannot access until age 55 and has no other savings or pension provision.


A full discussion of Tim and Karen’s objectives and goals was undertaken and analysed in line with their circumstances.  This was initiated via the completion of our robust fact finding and risk profiling processes.

Tim and Karen both signed information mandates in relation to their existing policies enabling Depledge to communicate with the scheme administrators and obtain full details on all of their arrangements.

Upon receipt of the requested information a thorough review and analysis was completed and used as the foundations for putting in place a suitable holistic financial planning strategy designed to achieve their objectives.


Two detailed reports and three meetings were completed with Tim and Karen over a number of weeks with a summary of the outcomes below:

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