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Ben Lancaster

Ben Lancaster

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0161 808 0215 | 07725 544984


Chartered Financial Planner
Chartered Financial Planner


  • Diploma in Financial Planning
  • Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning
  • Award in Pension Transfers (Pension Transfer Specialist)
  • Certificate in Long Term Care
  • J10 Discretionary Investment Management

At Work

Ben has several years of financial planning experience and joined Depledge SWM after a long and successful period with Tilney, where he worked closely with the partner in the Manchester office providing expert advice on a wide range of complex issues.

Like Andrew, Ben is a Chartered Financial Planner and is also recognised as a pension transfer specialist – both of which demonstrate his commitment to the profession and a willingness to go far beyond the minimum qualification requirements so that he can provide the highest quality of advice.

Ben prides himself on providing excellent service to his clients and loves to build meaningful, lasting relationships based on trust and ‘doing what he says he will’.

At Home

Outside of work, Ben would describe himself as a sports fanatic. He has a particular love of golf and is a member of The Bramhall Golf club.

The important stuff

All regulated financial advisers must be authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and therefore appear on their register. You can find Ben’s entry here.

Furthermore, all advisers must have an up-to-date Statement of Professional Standing (SPS). This shows they are suitably qualified and have carried out the required amount of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). You should be wary of any advisers who refuse to provide copies of their SPS. You can click here to view Ben’s.