Michael helped to clearly explain what I had and how each of the plans function in relation to my circumstances. We completed an assessment of my existing policies, a thorough understanding of the risks I had been taking and identified the level of risk I was willing to take moving forward.Michael was able to move my investments into cheaper products that offer access to a much broader range of investment funds; my investments are now held within an investment portfolio that is suited to my attitude to risk and that has a proven track record of providing good returns.

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Andrew has handled my pension fund and investments for the past 7 years. His advice has been sound and I am comfortable with the way my funds are managed and by Andrews use of specialists and associates to ensure that my funds are invested to their optimum advantage within my agreed level of risk. Options and recommendations are always explained clearly and logically, both verbally and subsequently in writing. Any questions or requests are addressed promptly and explanations are comprehensive and understandable. I am quite happy with Andrew’s services and hope to use them for many years to come.

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I have known Andrew for a number of years and have received advice on various areas of personal and corporate financial planning. He explains the issues clearly, makes sure you understand all relevant aspects of the matter under discussion and the solutions being recommended. Having worked in specialist areas of financial services myself I am always confident with the advice Andrew gives.

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He is very clear and precise on everything I have asked and even those seemingly unimportant questions you forget to ask. He is very good at making sure my investments are in the right places to maintain good and steady growth.He never seems in a hurry to leave, which makes me feel he is giving me all of his time so I fully understand everything we discuss.

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Andrew tells you in plain English so you understand exactly what is the right product to suit your needs, He has a knack of making you feel safe with the decisions made for your individual needs, and most important he is easy to get on with and not at all pushy.

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Andrew understands my investment needs, and has through the years I’ve known him provided sound financial advice. He explains his investment strategy well and has always delivered. I believe him to be trustworthy and an excellent businessman who I enjoy dealing with.

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Andrew was very good at explaining the various investment options available, he took time to make sure that I fully understood the investments and the risks associated inline with my personal preference, should it be high, moderate or low risk, long or short term investment.During my appointment, I felt relaxed and under no pressure to make any decisions. I was given the information to consider prior my next appointment. He left his telephone and email address should I have any questions or concerns.

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I am very fortunate to have financial dealings with Andrew, he takes pride and interest in the status of the family and the trends they wish to take and foresee their expectations before they realise it themselves.During the past 15 years of my dealing with Andrew he has achieved every promise that he instilled at the beginning of our business.His knowledge of the financial market is exceptional , I feel that I could not entrust my finances in any other independent financier.

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