Corporate Services

We provide a range of services to company clients that are built on the understanding of what employees really want and how they wish to receive information on their benefits.

Companies need to recruit, reward and retain the best people and therefore the benefit package is an integral part of any company’s strategy for success.

Our Principal Director, Andrew Day, has long experience in the corporate field having been retained to provide advice in previous roles to company schemes with some of the largest employers in Europe. Having conducted upwards of 250 workplace presentations and met ‘one to one’ with thousands of employees within their workplace, we have designed services for companies that are serious about their employee benefit packages.

Our clients range from one-person consultancy businesses to more established businesses with over 1000 employees. Our advice and solutions are tailored to help companies and their employees make the right decisions about their pension and benefit objectives.

Executive advice within the workplace

The key employees within many businesses are increasingly finding the need to take advice based on their own circumstances in relation to successive pension legislation changes that has significantly changed the landscape for high earning employees accumulating pension provision.

The ‘one size fits all approach’ offering the same to all levels of staff is less appropriate in today’s market place and increasingly HR professionals are looking to work with the highest quality chartered advisers to ensure the right solutions are in place for the most senior employees that are driving their businesses forward.

Image of PDF - What do the new Pension rules mean for your employees

Financial education for staff

A good employee benefits package in terms of the ‘kudos’ an employer gains is in a large part down to the communication and appreciation of the package by the staff.

Imagine paying ever-increasing employer contributions into a ‘gold plated’ defined benefits scheme where the staff under appreciate the benefit! Communicating the benefits effectively with staff is a cornerstone of a strong benefit package and this is often done best by our specialists within the workplace through presentations and surgery workshops.

Retirement advice to employees

The pensions freedom legislation has provided employees with investment based pensions with a greater number of choices at retirement that many find bewildering. This requires expert advice and communication not just at the point of retirement but also on the lead up to this important juncture in anyone’s life.

We offer a number of services that can be tailored to each employer’s requirements aimed at finding the right solution for each employee to have a financially successful retirement.

Auto-enrolment consulting

The wide-ranging pension reforms that were introduced in 2012 continue to be implemented with both initial and ongoing requirements on employers from their staging dates. Our advice and project management ensures that the appropriate requirements are met by our clients at outset and ongoing working in partnership with payroll providers and pension schemes to ensure that the employer is aware of what needs to be done and has an effective programme in place.

Corporate Employee Benefits consulting

We consult with employers to ensure that they receive the appropriate products in the market place tailored to the solutions required for pensions, death in service schemes, group income protection schemes, private medical insurance and group critical illness cover. Our approach is to maximise the benefits available and minimise the cost by reviewing the ‘whole of the market’.